General Rules 2015


Please note that since this is an open public exhibition under the auspices of the City of Toronto, Artist must follow the following policy:

ARTWORK shall not stereotype or promotes views and ideas which are likely to promote discrimination, contempt or hatred for any person on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, color, citizenship, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, political affiliation, receipt of public assistance or level of literacy.

ARTWORK shall be hanging ready i.e. having a wire, on the back of frame, to easily hang from the picture hooks.

ARTWORK sizes as per the exhibition requirements MUST include the size of the frame.


To guarantee your registration, participation, and inclusion in the catalogue payment MUST be paid in full as soon as you receive your e-mail approval for your participation by the selection Committee. Final deadline for participation is 7th AUG 2016, as the catalogue will be released to the general public in early Sept 2016 to promote the COMMFFEST Program and events.


COMMFFEST Art Exhibit will be held from OCt 10-16, 2016 at the prestigious Rotunda, Metro Hall in the center of Toronto 55 John St., Toronto, ON, M5V 3C6 (Located on the South-east corner of King St. and John, two blocks east of Spadina St.)

Hours of Operation

Weekdays:  7:30am - 9:30pm

Weekends & Statutory Holidays:  8:00am - 6:00pm


The Rainbow Cinema 80 St E, Toronto, ON

Hours of Operation Sun to Sun 12.30 noon to 12 pm and two hours and during screenings from 9am, 12pm


Installation/ Set-Up

Your artwork must be received by 1st of October 2016, between 12.30pm and 5pm at The Rainbow and Oct 9th at The Rotunda. The location will be announced to the participants by separate e-mail. The set up will be the responsibility of the Curator and an artists. Set-up will be done on 9th of October at the Rotunda gallery


You must pick up your artwork on 31 October 2016 starting at 2 PM until 4 PM exclusively. Artists will be responsible for packing and shipping their artwork back to their respective Countries. ALL artist must ensure that return of their artwork is pre-organized and that all transport is pre-paid to ensure safe return of the artwork. We cannot accept to hold any artwork left behind by the artist after 30th of October 2016


During the Exhibition period, security guards will be present while the site is opened to the general public. However, Artists are fully responsible to ensure that their artwork is fully insured. Please note COMMFFEST or the City of Toronto cannot be liable for any damages to your artwork.


The main artwork and the artist portrait will be published with the biography in the COMMFFEST Film Festival Catalogue. The catalogue will be distributed free across the City as part of the COMMFFEST Film and Art exhibit Program.  You will be provided with 5 copies of the catalogue for your personal use.

Each artist will be represented in the catalogue.  The catalogue will require artist to submit the following: final biography (max. 160 words) in English, upload one high resolution image of the artwork to be printed (TIFF 300DPI size (artwork (114mm x 127mm H) with the details of the main artwork (title, artwork size, technique/medium, and representing Country), an Artist portrait (TIFF 300DPI size 36.65mmx30.2mm H, Please note that the artwork included in the catalogue will be required to be exhibited. If you are exhibiting 2 or 3 artworks, curators will require lower resolution images (jpg) to be uploaded and the details of each artwork (title, artwork size, technique/medium) for the purpose of the labels and setup.


Artists are responsible to bring or send their artwork for the exhibition. We recommend for International Artists to use the CARNET ATA system, to avoid paying duty on your artwork entering Canada. Please note that you have to pay a certain percentage on the value as a guarantee therefore, the higher the value that you estimate of your art, the higher the amount of bond you will have to pay in advance to the originating Country issuing the CARNET, until you return your artwork in your originating Country, you will only then be reimbursed. Please ensure to check with the Chamber of Commerce of your Country for the process in obtaining the CARNET ATA for Canada’s entry of the artwork.


In case of people interested in purchasing your artwork, please note that you cannot remove the artwork during the exhibition; therefore you can pre-sell and provide the purchaser the artwork sold after the de-installation of the artwork on 31 October 2016 at the rainbow 1pm. and Oct 16 2pm at the Rotunda

For those Artists who used the CARNET ATA to enter Canada, you can sell your artwork, as long as you pay the duty to the issuer of the CARNET. Please check all the details with the Country Chamber of Commerce for the process.


During the period of set/up and exhibition, Artist agrees that the public will have the rights to photograph or use videography for their personal use of the artwork.